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    Please help me. I do not seem to be able to grasp the link section. When I read freshly pressed and I like what I read, I find that I don’t know how you link up the freshly pressed so that it appears on your side bar. For instance I liked one especially this week and I looked for some sort of URL address to include it in my recent posts. I read up how to do this but to me it is confusing because the URL in most cases is not shown. Is there any one out there that can help me ? thanks for your help regards Brian

    The blog I need help with is historicalaustralians.wordpress.com.



    Freshly pressed is just a roundup of the best blog posts. The URL is not of the post on the Freshly Pressed page: it’s the URL of the blog on which that post was made. So you click through to the post, copy the URL of the blog you end up on, and put that in your widget. If you just want to highlight individual posts, not entire blogs, I’d suggest you use a Text Widget, not the LInks widget which is more for recommending entire blogs.



    Thanks for answering my comment. Firstly, I am very new to all this and I desperately want to link to other posts but I find it very confusing. I use to be on Hubpages where they give you a list of blogs about the same subject and all you had to do was tick the ones that you liked and they would be entered into your blog.
    This must be different with WordPress.
    I understand that you enter the URL of the blog into your link widget but I am having trouble finding out what the URL is of the post I am reading. Does that make sense?

    Thanks once again for listening to an old-timer. Its pretty hard to keep up with the times.
    regards brian


    The URL of the post you are reading will be in the address bar of your browser if you are on the single post page of the post (after clicking on the title of the post).

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