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    I recently became a member of a site called Book Blogs, where I have my blog Sea of Reads listed. The url below goes to a page where I can copy code for a promotional badge that I can then put on Sea of Reads. I’m pretty sure the code is JavaScript, but I am way, way, way far from being knowledgeable on this, much less an expert, so I wanted to confirm that, and also, if it IS JavaScript, is there any way I can modify it to conform with WordPress’s policy against using JavaScript? Maybe this is dumb, but it just seems to me there must be *some* way of dealing with this type of issue, since badges like this are so common.

    If not, that’s fine, I’m a big girl, I’ll get over it, but I just wanted to make sure.



    The blog I need help with is seaofreads.wordpress.com.


    It’s not java, it’s flash. Equally no go…



    That’s annoying; there’s no reason they can’t offer a static badge, they just like the Jumpy Changy Colours. Maybe you could email them and ask them for a simple JPG that you could then link to their site?


    This is the jpg of the badge:


    But if I use that jpg, it can’t be personalized with my name saying I’m a member, right? Is that what makes it flash? Or is it the fact that it’s not static; that it moves? Is that a fool-proof way I can tell if it’s in the Not Allowed category — if it has moving parts it’s java or flash; if it’s static, it’s okay to use?

    I am SO ignorant on this, lol.


    Very roughly, flash means moving elements (for instance a youtube video or an audio player), javascript means interaction (for instance an alert that pops up if you forget to fill in a required field, or a result produced if you type in something and click a button).

    Also roughly, forget codes that include “shockwave-flash” or “swf”, “script”, “embed”, “form”, “iframe”.

    That jpg can be used (with additional stuff such as text or links) in a text widget or an image widget. Can you link to another blog that has the badge on so we can see what exactly it does?

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