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    Hello, I wanted to put an image in the sidebar of my blog (http://mundolinuxero.wordpress.com) I read the FAQ and I solve the problem, but now, I have another problem, the image looks bad because it’s too big, is there a way to to put the image in my sidebar without it looks bad?

    PD: sorry for my poor english, I’m spanish.



    You need to make the image smaller before you upload it, then put it in your sidebar. You can use code to make it smaller, but it’s more complicated to do that.

    You can also make a Draft blog post and put the image in it, then change the size there using the Image icon (the tree) and set the size to whatever you want in the popup box. Then you click to the Code editor instead of the Visual Editor and copy all that code. Paste the code into your text widget.



    it’s also possible simply fill in a desired (according to sidebar width) image width (either a pixels or a percentage) on the image property dialog in the editor’s “visual” pane.

    an image will be automatically scaled down apropriately by all known browsers.



    I assume this is your blog in the Kubrick theme and that the image in question is the penguin. http://mundolinuxero.wordpress.com/
    Being a non geeky type myself I would place the image in microsoft paint or photoshop or whatever and simply reduce the size. Then I would upload the new reduced size renamed version.
    –> write post –> upload image –> send image to editor –> copy the entire image code –> now go to dashboard -> presentation –> sidebar widgets –> create a text widget, drag and drop it into the sidebar –> open text widget and paste in the image code –> save changes -> view your blog – it should be there.



    why would anyone mock with bitmap editor if browser can do all the dirty work for us given a proper “width”?

    (hint: control + “minus” ;-)



    Well, depending on how big the picture is it can take a donkey’s age to load, even if you resize it in the browser; I discovered this when I resized a pic from 900 pixels wide to 150. It took exactly the same time to load as it did when it was full-size. If you resize it before uploading, it doesn’t take that long.



    yep, that’s true, 6x times down scale takes some time to do a math ;-)

    of course, I mean a reasonable scale, like for instance in the OP case: image: 256px, sidebar: ~200-210, and even if a sidebar were only 64 it would be nearly equally that fast.

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