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Putting blog title on custom header

  1. I'm new to all this and have just inserted a photo into custom header. Somehow my title has disappeared and the show text button does nothing. What happened and can you help a novice? I am using Safari on my Mac

  2. Please give us a link to the blog so we can see for ourselves.

  3. [email redacted]

  4. D'oh! That's an email address. Can you provide a URL?

  5. I think this is the address you meant: :)

    It's probably a browser issue. Have you tried clearing your cache and seeing if the show text button still doesn't work then? If it doesn't, do you have another browser like Firefox or Camino you could try it in? Sometimes Safari can cause these kind of problems with WP.

    The other thing is to definitely make sure you've clicked save changes as otherwise the changes won't take. You'd be surprised how often people forget to do that.

  6. Sorry about the email mistake... this is all new to me. I will try the suggestions about the cache and let you know how it goes. I don't think I have another browser but will look into it.

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