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    HI, I have managed to upload a photo onto one of my pages (For women) following the instruction under http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/, however only the photos show up but no captions nor words I had put into the Description box. My photos are uploaded straight from my computer c drive and I have also tried uploading from the gallery option under the Upload function but still no caption showed up. Please help me! I am using IE 9.

    The blog I need help with is aulova.wordpress.com.



    Hi, to be precise, the text in Caption field did show up under the photo but not the words in Description. I have tried doing same process under HTML to no avail. Please help me as I have tried many many times.


    What you type into the Ddescription field shows up on the so-called attachment pages, when you use the gallery frature, or when you make a single image link to such an attachment page – see here:

    But why not add the description to the content of the page itself?



    Many thanks, panaghiotisadam, I understand now. The Gallery feature seems new (?) as I don’t recall having this feature three months ago when I first upload images as Descriptions were automatically added to the page during normal uploading process.

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