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    I want to put comments in the middle of my post which will be invisible to readers and visible only to me on the edit page. I thought that I could use the HTML tags <!– and –> to surround the comment, but they don’t work. The comment and the tags appear in the post for all to see.

    How can I put such a comment on my edit page so that only I see it?

    The blog I need help with is environmentalessays.wordpress.com.



    You can’t as far as I know.



    Also are you actually referring to the blog linked to your username? It’s a free hosted WordPress.com blog that lacks any blogger created content at all.

    If you are referring to a WordPress.org install then you are posting to the wrong support forum and must post to http://wordpress.org/support instead.
    Fora clarity > http://support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/


    I tried it and it did not display the comment, just the lines above and below it. Are you sure you were working in the Text (html) mode and not Visual?



    To houstonweaver: Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am working in Text mode and I am puzzled why it works for you and not for me.


    Hmm, I cannot imagine. I made a screenshot. I will add it to the post with the comment “commented out”. The blog is private. Are you online now?
    If so I will open it so you can see. Here’s the link..


    So this is my HTML:
    Trying to test whether you can comment out a part of a post. <!-- this is the comment I am trying to hide. --> and then my text returns after the comment.

    And this is the resulting view of that paragraph in the published post:
    Trying to test whether you can comment out a part of a post. and then my text returns after the comment.

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