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Putting in Amazon aStore widget as a frame

  1. I would like to find out how I can include Amazon's html aStore as a frameset in wordpress. Everytime I try, it doesnt seem to work.

  2. You can't use iframe, javascript, forms or shockwave flash here at due to security concerns.

    Also be aware that blogs are non-commercial and we cannot use them to sell things or to drive traffic to third-party sites: Terms of service, #2 5th bullet point.

    We also cannot advertise on our blogs at

  3. If you need to be able to do this, then your best bet is to get your own domain name, a web host, and then install the wordpress software from . Webhosting can be found for about $25 per year or less (do research, some of the less expensive hosts are problematic - A Small Orange is a good one). At, you can also find a list of hosts that are good.

    With your own install of wordpress, you will not have any restrictions although unlike here at, you will be responsible for all troubleshooting, backups and problems that may arise.

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