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Where do I enter my API key?

  1. I setup a wordpress account and wanted akismet to be setup as well. I followed the links from my ".com" account dashboard to the akismet site & got the api. In the email instructions from akismet, it states that I need to go to the "plug-in" akismet on my dashboard and then copy/paste the api sequence. However, I could not find the "plug-in" feature (only can access akismet stats - and there is no link to enter an api). I went through the support forums on wordpress and discovered that word press accounts from the ".com" cannot have plugins. I'm OK with all that -- but why would I be allowed to access akismet & request the API from that ".com" account IF I can't use the API? Please let me know what I should do. If I have to delete the account & start over with a ".org" account - I'm fine with that. I'm just at a loss of what to do. HELP!
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  2. If you have just a blog, there is no way to add plugins, and Akismet is already built-in with no API key required.

    If you have self-hosted WordPress blog, there's where you'll need to access the Plugins menu to install Akismet.

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