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Putting links into words? (Please help! Read this you'll see what I mean!)

  1. Can you put links into words? You probably don't get this right now, but here is an example:

    For example, you say "click "here" to get to my poll." Then could you place a link of that page into a word? I've been trying to figure it out for a while; please tell me how if you get it!


  2. Don't use completely irrelevant tags on your post, like "Meebo". People get banned for stuff like that.

    Here is a post with the solution:

  3. Why's this in Off-Topic all of a sudden? Nice tags, I see.

  4. One would be a dumbass if one couldn't follow those instructions.

  5. I've always seen it here in off topic, never did see it in support. could have missed it though.

  6. It's possible I've gotten mixed up. Today is just a day from hell in 360 degrees. Half the time I click on a link I get taken to "SIGN UP A NEW BLOG" called

  7. Whoops, this is just a little bit too on-topic for me.

  8. I've been getting weirds too. When hitting 'send post' it takes me to set up a new blog. they must have pushed out some weird code the last day or so that's borking up the forums.

  9. geee....I wonder who put that tag up there (blinks innocently). :)

    I keep getting that sign up a new blog thing as well. And it's always for some weirdo named "En" for something like "En's blog about nothing." Well screw "En" and the blog he's trying to make. Eff En!!!

  10. I didn't add those tags.

  11. Whoever added "Dumb-A** " in the tags will never be appreciated by me even if that person seems to help me about anything. And my 2 suspects are:


    Well, sorry if your name is up here, if it makes you feel unfair, I am terribly sorry;

  12. I think drlister should learn not to make unfounded accusations in the comments section. And that is a remark I stand by.

    It was certainly not me who put that up there. Apologize.

  13. making false accusations can get you sued.

  14. Um, I did it and I admitted as much a few comments above, genius. I was just feeling a bit anti-penguinish at the moment, which I feel were all entitled to feel. It's been removed. It was worth a good laugh.

  15. drlister will never be appreciated by me even if that person seems to help me about anything until he apologizes.

  16. Your OK Raincoaster
    You both Dr.L and RS are different

    Dr.L likes Club Penguin
    RS doesn't like Club Penguin
    I don't actually like CP much though but I play it because I get bored lol

    anybody suggest some online game where you make accounts...

  17. I bumped into one around Thanksgiving, I'll go find it for you.

  18. Thanks, forums 12345. I don't have any particular opinion on the game, I just wish some of the players conducted themselves better in the forum.


    That's the game I was thinking about. It's an online treasure hunt, free to play.

  20. Well, I thought it was kstafford after all. Raincoster, I just put him up for no reason whatsoever.

  21. Then please stop doing that. Particularly if you want your technical questions answered.

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