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    okay! I created a website for work using my login. This meant I had 2 sites on a global dashboard. My original problem was that I didn’t want work people logging on for that site, and seeing mine. So I created a new wordpress login for myself and moved the work site to be on it’s own. This left me with one website on my dashboard. However, I’m involved with 3 other blogs, so I thought great! I can upload myself as a new administration user on each site, and delete the old me, and then I’ll have all the sites on the one global dashboard – handy!

    However that has not occured.

    I still have to login separately for each of the sites, and only the original site appears on my ‘global dashboard’.

    Please help, I’m trying to be geeky but to no avail…



    Hang on. I just thought of something. The other blogs are not at a ‘blah.wordpress.com’ domain address – they’re hosted, but wordpress design. would that be it? is there any way around this?

    see! trying!



    The only blogs that you can put in that ‘global’ dashboard are sites hosted by wordpress.com. Any self-hosted sites will not show up as they are not connected to wordpress.com.




    And, as far as i know, you can only have one username associated with each global dashboard.


    OK, Wracking my brain on this one as I have 3 self hosted blogs, 2 are listed in the global dashboard one isn’t but you all are saying that self hosted can’t get listed here.? ! ?



    That’s exactly right. They’re not hosted here, so the back end is entirely separate.

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