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    I would like viewers of my blog to have access to contact me via email. Before I do this using any ole method I wanted to hear the options. What do you suggest? thank you.



    That one’s an easy one! Use a contact form.





    Another option is to have an email for these purposes with a butt ugly name eg: (email redacted)
    When it gets spammed. Start another one. Or you can put your email addy in an image. Or disguise it using CSS. Or spell it out. Security is important. But paranoia is not necessary. :)



    email image generator references:
    There are email image generators on the net. Most bots cannot crawl them so to cut down on spam and you can use one and place the image in a text widget in your sidebar. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=7797&page&replies=4#post-52120

    katm also brought an email munger to our attention but I don’t have time to find the thread now.



    *waves to TT*

    (I dug it out only because I knew it was somewhere in the off topic forum)


    The munger does appear to work. I have 3 blogs all using it. Two have gotten no spam. The third does get some, but it appears to be for some blog directory I signed up for.

    Gmail’s spam filter is very good, as is Yahoo’s. Both are free. Make a throw away address and use it only for your blog.

    BTW: The way I use it is to make a clickable image that will open up the person’s email client. I think the site I link to has an option to put in your image URL and it generates the entire code for you.

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