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Putting posts onto different pages

  1. I don't know if this is at all possible, let alone whether it is supported in, but I'll ask anyway. I would like to be able to put posts which appear in different categories onto different pages.
    Can this be done?

  2. Note sure if you know the difference between Posts and Pages but lets see if I can help with this.

    Posts and Pages are two seperate systems and can not be combined. (It was designed to have Pages seperate from the posting system.)

    Now, what you may be thinking of is seperating Posts within the categories that you have assigned to the Posts. Try clicking on the links below your Categories heading in your sidebar to see what I'm suggesting.

    Maybe a specific example would help if we're misunderstanding each other.


  3. I've been watching this topic with interest. I want to put my "about" on a front page. In order to do that I have to put my other posts on to pages too. Currently my default page is "about" so if I try to make "about" a static front page I get a warning and have to abort before a catastrophe ensues.

    I have read the documentation four times on pages but what is being said to me "does not compute". Basically aside from having "about" as my static front page I want one category and all the posts in that category on one page. And the next category and the posts in it on another page and so on and so on.

    But right now I have such a headache that I'm signing off with my fingers crossed. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a day when I'm not grinding my teeth at my own inability to comprehend instructions. (sigh) Good night all.

  4. I don't know if this covers what you guys were after, but, for my own blog, I dumped the whole categories widget and created what I called a site index page. Basically, I just created a page version of the category widget because it was growing too large to fit in the sidebar. Each link, just like in the categories sidebar widget, opens a new page on my site populated only by posts assigned to that category.

    Anyway, I could easily make my site index page into a static home page rather than the posts themselves. I could also append the contents of that page onto the end of my ABOUT page and make that my static home page. The point is that what you guys are talking about is not only possible, but not that hard to create.

  5. What I would like is to be able to see the posts which are placed in the category 'GCSE', for instance, on the GCSE page - either as well as, or instead of the front page, so that the people who are interested in the GCSE posts and none of the other posts can look at them via the GCSE tag at the top rather than rooting around a sidebar.
    I would also like to be able to put posts onto a page with some fixed stuff at the top i.e. info about course followed by posts.
    ptvguy: you are talking to a complete, total and utter novice. How would I do what you suggest?

  6. ptvguy, thanks for the suggestion you made about the site index. I had a look at you blog and saw the actual page you were referring to. I really did like it.

    Could you please tell me how to achieve that?


  7. katebosma I'm with testeeng. I visited your blog and you have done what I want to do. I'm a complete utter total newbie ao could you please tell us step by step by step how to achieve what you did. Maybe by that time I'll have all my posts back - they all just disappeared befor my very eyes minutes ago.

  8. rocket4rocketblog

    I wanted to do something like that too, and I did it this way, you can try too..
    I have two blogs. So in your case, you can make one blog your front page. Then, you make another blog and that is your real blog .. people might say that I am abusing the Multi blogs owning feature, but it's worth a try. So this is what you do. In your front page blog, got to Write Page in Write, at the box where you put in the Page title, you make your Page title into a link. You'll need a little html for this, but here is what to do:
    It will appear on your front page as just "The Title of your blog Page" under PAGES. When people click onto it, it will take them to your real blog. You can only edit this in Manage after you have done this. If you are interested please visit my blog http://rocket4rocket.wordpress,com, and click on my PAGES.. they will lead you to other places. Good luck.. and let me know if it works for you.

  9. thanks rocket4rocket for that idea. However, I was hoping to achieve what ptvguy has done on his blog. He has managed to creat a page with all his categories as links leading to the posts contained within that link. Once that is achieved then that page can be made into the main page and people can click on the topics they want to read on. This way, it is like having your posts on seperate pages.

    So still awaiting a reply from pvtguy. :)

    ps. rocket4rocket, nice blog :)

  10. I did it! I figured out how to create pages link my pages to categories and voila! they are there. It woild be a good idea if we were all using the same words to mean the same things. The "links" vs "bookmarks" and "bookmarks" vs "blogroll" semantics really threw me off. But now I've got it - by Jove I've got it! Issue resolved. Thanks to all who helped.

  11. timethief, I think you meant ptvguy, I haven't worked it out yet, could you maybe explain it to me slowly and clearly and using words of one syllable!
    Not quite resolved yet, but still hoping

  12. Sorry for delay in answering, but I've been out of town for four days. I do my site index page by entering the code directly, but most people aren't anal coders like myself. So, here's the quick, nontechnical method:

    1. If you don't have CATEGORIES included in your sidebar, go to your Sidebar Widgets editor and include it.
    2. Open a page of your blog up so that you can see the CATEGORIES sidebar with all the categories listed.
    3. Carefully highlight all of the categories in the CATEGORIES box and copy them to the clipboard.
      • Press CTRL-C for PC.
      • Press CMD-C for Mac.
    4. Open the Manage Pages part of your Dashboard and create a new page.
    5. Paste the contents of the clipboard into the Rich Editor.
      • Press CTRL-V for PC.
      • Press CMD-V for Mac.
    6. Edit the list as you see fit.
      • Remove extraneous categories like "Uncategorized."
      • Create a "Recommended" or "Most Popular" list of categories above or in place of the alphabetized list.
      • Add static text before or after the list.
    7. Name the page and save it.
    8. If you don't want to have a separate sidebar listing of categories, go back and remove the CATEGORIES Sidebar Widget.
  13. Thanks ptvguy!

    That was pretty simple and it worked! Great ideas!

  14. Thanks ptvguy, that was simple enough for me to follow and works just as I wanted. I can now also add links to individual categories in individual pages, which is useful too.


  15. Don't forget that pages created in this way are NOT self-updating like the CATEGORIES widget in the sidebar. You'll have to redo the entire process every time you add a new category to any post, or you'll have to learn how to edit the page yourself to add the category and the link.

  16. thanks pvtguy. Hope you had a good time out of town. I'm getting to understand the coding that is used and it's making things much more easier. thanks for you help.

  17. Oh. My. God.

    There goes my weekend. Thanks to (drum-roll, please):

    kate bosman

    (adding this topic to my favorites)


  18. Question: I'm pretty new at this stuff. I've created pages that have subpages. This was the only way I could think of to do what I wanted. Here's an example. My blog is on knitting. So, I wanted to provide useful tips. I created a page called Knitting Tips. Then for each tip I've created so far, I've created a new page. On the main Knitting Tip page, I've made a list of all of the tips, using clickable links to send people to the right page.

    That works, although it's a bit awkward. BUT -- I don't want all of the sub pages to be visible in the sidebar under the Pages heading. There's no need for that and as I add more it will get ridiculous.

    Any suggestions?

  19. I'm not seeing this on the Rainey Sisters page, so I'm not sure what you're talking about. The themes I've used don't display subpages along with the primary page list. They usually get displayed only when I'm on the parent page.

  20. PTV, I would suggest sending in a feedback on that as that's a feature i would like to see added as well into the pages widget. (ie options on how deep the pages are shown. Top level vs all levels)

  21. I would guess that it's theme related. Themes that use top bar tabs to display pages could have a serious problem with displaying subpages as well.

  22. Not necessarily theme related. This is something one can change fairly easily within the standard WP blog and themes. It has been discussed before on these forums many times as well. ("Oh, I don't like how all of my links are in such and such order. How do I change it?")

  23. If one can change it fairly easily, could you please tell me how or point me to where directions are given? I host my blog on my own domain so I am allowed to edit themes. (I've looked through the forums and I don't see directions on how to do this. I see directions on how to change the order of pages, but that's not my issue.)

    Again, what I specifically want to do is to have subpages that do not automatically show up in my sidebar b/c I don't want that much material showing up there. All I want in the sidebar are the parent pages.

  24. I finally figured out through a circuitous route how to only have parent and NOT child pages show up in my side bar. The coding that was there said:

    <?php wp_list_pages( ); ?>

    I changed it to read:

    <?php wp_list_pages('exclude=4&depth=1&sort_column=menu_order&title'); ?>

    Voila -- the child pages "disappeared" from the sidebar.

  25. raineysisters: For support on self-hosted WordPress blogs, you should jump over to the support forums. These forums are for the free accounts. I'm not kicking you out out or anything, but people on the free accounts aren't allowed into the themes or underlying coding and therefore don't have occasion to deal with those problems--at least not in relation to their blogs.

  26. Amm i think thats a good idea but i think it did not reach the true intention of this topic.
    The guy wanted to buttons of seperate topics where post of certain critaria can be posted like so

    gadgets->post related to machines,gadgets,pc,consols etc.
    Reviews->posts related to all reviews.

    The idea is to just have buttons not the category listed on a page.
    I hope i understood your method and you understand what I want. :)

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