Putting Url links to your site about business opportunity

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    Hello, I am brand new to to wordpress. I will be here for many years to come-as I have an ample amount of knowledge to share with the public.
    Although, this is mostly for hobby reasons, and sharing knowledge of what I know with humanity, I was eventually thinking of putting a URL link from my website to my Blog.

    The support section says they dont want banners or affiliate program links and such, but what is the fine line betwen this?

    If you are just giving expert advice and then an invitation to your business towards the summary, is that okay?

    Is it just that they dont want business promotion such as the fake $10,000 in my first month ads,(which i hate too) and the like.

    Whats the Fine line?

    The blog I need help with is princeofawareness.wordpress.com.


    I think as long as you don’t get anything promotional in your blog, linking in and out should not be considered as a rule violation. If you want to link to other site use words which are not, again, promotional. Use like VISIT MY OTHER SITE ABOUT… rather than FIND OUT ABOUT…BY CLICKING ON THE LINK RIGHT NOW!

    For the invitation to your business, I’m not so sure. Maybe you can do that but give some other options aside from your business, that way you’ll not be considered bias.

    Try to consult the FAQs or http://support.wordpress.com/contact/


    In the past, staff has said that one discrete link to your website is OK, but putting it at the bottom or within each post, is not.

    If you want, ask staff directly at http://support.wordpress.com/contact/ .

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