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    I want to put my blog in a specific category (you know, humor, travel, food, etc.) so that I can get my target audience, so that when people click on the ‘recommended blogs’ and then click on one of the categories, then they will find my blog in the humor category, or whatever else. Do you know how to do that? Because I have searched high and low for this thing but alas, nothing has showed up.



    The blog I need help with is mycrookedmoments.wordpress.com.



    It looks like you have a custom domain name tied to that blog. Right now, the biggest domain registrar in teh world is down, and WP.com buys from a reseller of that registrar, so there’s your problem. If you go to Dashboard->Store->Domains and disable the custom domain temporarily (don’t delete or refund it, just disconnect it from your blog) that should bring your blog back up. All should be fixed soon and you can reconnect it.



    Sorry, disregard that> I typed into the wrong window.

    You get into the category pages at WordPress.com automatically once your blog has been around a while and posting content that is unique and in accordance with proper tagging, ie not more than a dozen tags/categories on any one post, etc.


    Thanks for the advice!


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