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Puzzle re widgets and templates twenty eleven theme

  1. I am finding twenty eleven both excellent and frustrating. Excellent coz is looks nice. Frustrating coz some aspects of the design are non-obvious (e.g. difference between layouts and templates) and many features are under-documented (e.g. some behaviours of featured images). Enough with the ranting.

    My latest puzzle has to do with how you lay out widgets on various templates. My front page uses showcase template, and when I go to appearance/widgets there is a Showcase Sidebar box showing in the RHS that I can drag widgets into. This is good. I have dragged a Subscription and an Archive widget into there, and it works just fine.

    I also have a few static pages, for example the Event listing pages, which uses the sidebar template. You can get at this via the menu bar. As you can see this page has two widgets on it: an Archive by month widget (n.b. with different layout from the Showcase sidebar version), and a Meta widget for admin. How did these widgets get there and how can I get rid of 'em and replace them with widgets of my own choosing? When I go to Appearance/Widgets, there is a Main Sidebar box which is empty, so I can't use that to get rid of them.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What's the blog URL in question as the one linked to your name has the Vigilance theme attached to it...

  3. Ah right I fogot that the blog you select when posting doesn't come through as associated info (I forgot that it's a 'feature' that only support can see this info....;-).

    Sorry bout that the blog I'm referring to is

  4. realised I posted this under showcase wrongly - showcase seems to have nothing to do with showcase template - whoops. and my q is not showing up in the posts list, so I am going to repost this in a more sensible place. over and out.

  5. Either way, that's not a valid blog address.

  6. http://

    been trying to change the name but wp not interested in doing that at the mo...

  7. I have flagged this thread do it gets moved to the correct forum
    I recommend reading this comprehensive article on the Twenty Eleven theme.

  8. moved to support forum

  9. 1 tess, thanks for moving it to a sensible place. actually life has moved on - being impatient for enlightenment I reposted the q under a more sensible category and received a really useful answer which you can see here:
    flagged this version here as resolved, as is the other one

  10. excellent. I'll just close this thread then!

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