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Puzzles! Have you tried these stuffs?

  1. Welcome. This showcase is not for my blog but it's a knowledge-bowl for folks on this forums. On this thread, I'll post some selected [easy or difficult] puzzles and other related stuffs. I've not enough words to speak on the introduction of this thread, because I've to post first one. Atleast once checkout these, whatever your stream is!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Level: Silly

    Hi folks. Let's see how quick you're in your imagination.
    When reading the objects listed below; speak their colors rapidly. Wait.. Don't go very fast otherwise this test will have no taste and you'll see the answer. :) So are you ready!
    Say the colors to yourself, of:

    Chalk ----[white]





    Wedding Gown

    Say "white" 10 times fast to yourself.


    Did you not say "MILK"?

    Reply below.

  3. Apologies for first stuff being messed up. forums didn't support to many spaces. Here is next one

    Forward it's heavy, backward I it's not. What is it??

    a TON

  4. There are 100 light bulbs lined up in a row in a long room. Each bulb has its own switch and is currently switched off. The room has an entry door and an exit door. There are 100 people lined up outside the entry door. Each bulb is numbered consecutively from 1 to 100. So is each person.

    Person No. 1 enters the room, switches on every bulb, and exits.
    Person No. 2 enters and flips the switch on every second bulb (turning off bulbs 2, 4, 6, …).

    Person No. 3 enters and flips the switch on every third bulb
    (changing the state on bulbs 3, 6, 9, …). This continues until all 100
    people have passed through the room.
    What is the final state of bulb No. 64? And how many of the light bulbs are illuminated after the 100th person has passed through the room?

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