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Puzzling search words

  1. Just a curiosity, general question.

    WordPress allows us to see which words people used to find our blog. No problem, I like that feature. However, quite often, if I try to mimic that search, my blog does not show up.

    Just today, I see that someone fell on my blog using the following search: "how much heat can olive oil stand"

    Now, how THAT search landed on my blog, I have no idea! Ok, it is a food blog, but I never addressed that issue, never used "olive oil" as a tag, let alone "heat + olive oil"

    Anybody knows what goes on with the search feature?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Search terms are a constant source of humor. One of the latest puzzlers for me was several people coming to my blog from "sick photography." Now I've written about being sick, and I've written about photography, but never in the same post. Google looks for the entire term, and then combinations of the words, and then the words individually (unless the searcher puts the term in quote marks in which case it will look only for the complete term).

    Still, you can get some real strange terms. Also remember that the search engines will also pull key words out of your posts themselves, so if you mention olive oil, you might get hits on that.

  3. Ok, mystery solved!

    I guess the funniest one I got was folks looking for
    "how to make bewitching oil"

    I wonder what exactly they had in mind.... :-)

  4. I regularly get people looking for 'hot amish chicks'. It must be a constant source of disappointment when they find my blog instead.

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