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    I have had requests from some Tweeter Followers to have a Question & Answer discussion section on my site, with me to throw up the questions and act as moderator.
    Are there any suggestions as to how I start such a section or any tutorials on this subject that I can read.

    Thanks in hope and anticipation of my enlightenment :o

    The blog I need help with is lordbeariofbow.com.



    There is no forum that you can embed into a free hosted WordPress.com blog as there is no FTP access and we cannot install plugins. You have three options: http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2012/04/23/wordpress-com-forum-options/


    Thank you timethief I think that’s going to help me a great deal and I think I will be able to start my Q & A on a small scale, which is all I really envisaged as I have only a few followers on Tweeter and on my website/blogsite. Thank you once again



    You’re welcome. :)

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