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  1. I am experiencing random problems with the display of the QR Code on our blog. It looks fine most of the time, but at other times it is unreadable (filled in with black lines and such) and cannot be fixed until I delete the post and add a new one.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can you give us a direct link to one post where this is an issue now?

  3. We're having a similar problem with our QR code displaying. QR code displays on and links to one of our mobile apps.

  4. I tagged this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  5. is the image being inserted, but the resized version had a glitch.

    Since you only want it to be displayed at 150 pixels wide, try re-sizing it in your image editor to that, then upload and replace the new resized version.

  6. timethief and macmanx,

    I tried uploading a re-sized version of the QR code, as per your suggestion; however, it still displays wrong. Any suggestions?

    View a screenshot of the problem

  7. Ok, this is rather odd, we're looking into it.

  8. I think we've found the problem. Our re-sizer is having trouble with sub-8-bit PNGs.

    If you re-save the PNG as 8-bit or higher, it should work out properly.

  9. Thanks - looks good so far, let's hope it stays functional!

  10. You're welcome!

  11. macmanx, & et al,

    Thank you for your attention. Instead of trying to re-save the image at a higher bit-depth, I just replaced it with a .gif file format and now it seems to be displaying just fine. Are .png files not supported on the WordPress platform?


  12. PNGs are, but our re-sizer currently has a problem with sub-8-bit PNGs. If you save it as 8-bit or higher, it'll work just fine.

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