Quality, size of photo’s: terrible!

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    Okay, I’m not the sharpest nail when it comes to techno stuff, but can someone help here? When I upload pics (this did not happen when I started the blog) they only come up as thumbnails, not their right size — AND the quality is terrible: full of tiny blocks as if every pixel shows. The pics on computer is of excellent quality. I don’t understand WHAT I’m doing wrong.



    The 4th link is the one I think



    Thank you, whoever answered. Unfortunately I’ve been there, done that, but don’t have the T-shirt.

    I’ve been trying, ever since I posted that SOS, to upload again. Now I cannot browse and cannot upload at all.

    And they DO NOT explain what that little square which pops up, is for — I guess it’s some kind of editor and previously duly clicked the *** uploaded thumbnail and then clicked “Send to editor”.

    Fine. Now, although the computer doesn’t hang or anything, I cannot browse and upload …. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!]

    In my case it also does not help to tell the “editing box” the pixel size or where to position the picture. It remains thumbnails (IF and WHEN I will again be able to upload) and disregards the command to set pic in “middle” or “right”.



    Before you “send to editor” you have to click on the “using thumbnails” toggle so that it switches from thumbnails to full images.



    Oh, thanks, ENGTECH, you kind man!! Yesterday I clicked, clacked and cursed and got a nice photo actually uploaded in the right size and quality. I don’t remember how I did it. That’s what happens when tech idiots try to have a blog.

    But you told me something I didn’t know.

    PODZ, thank you, I’m going yo check out that link right now.

    You’re darlings.



    WOAH! You now have a huge picture that’s broken right out the frame of your blog.
    Here’s some advice from a non-techie.
    (1) From the FAQs optimising your images does 3 things: It makes images quicker to upload; It makes your page load faster for people looking at it; You can fit more images into a limited space
    (2) Place all your pictures in microsoft “paint” or a similar program and size them to “fit” into your blog before you upload them.
    (3) Know that large pictures in a blog make the pages of that blog evry slow to upload and will drive anyone on dial-up crazy waiting for them to load (which is not to mention that they pay by connect time.
    (4) You can have all your images free hosted offline at flickr or photobucket. Then in your blog you can have thumbnails linked to the full size photos hosted off line. That way your readers can choose whether or not to click on the thumbnails to see the larger versions.
    Happy blogging!

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