Quantity of Tweets are not appearing next to Tweet icon

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    The Tweet counter, next to the Tweet icon at the bottom of each post, which shows and constantly updates the number of people who Tweet each post, isn’t working. The number either remains 0 or 1, even after our group has definitely Tweeted the post a dozen or more times.


    We can’t help without a link to the site so that we can take a look, and which post do you for sure know has more tweets than what is showing?



    If this is the blog http://commentisfreewatch.wordpress.com/ then I see several posts with high tweet counts. It might be possible there is a delay between the time the post is tweeted and the time the counter updates, but that is just my postulation.


    Sorry, here’s a link to our site


    And here’s a link to the post which we know has more than 2 Tweets




    Just doing a quick search on twitter itself, I only found two tweets published using the tweet button on that post, besides the publicize tweet that went out when the post was published. Yes there were other tweets, but they were using other utilities.


    Thanks. If there was a problem it seems to be fine now. Thanks so much for following up.

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