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  1. At the bottom of the page on a blog I've just finished setting up is a small smiley. It seems to be linked to a line of javascript for The code is invalid, I get 4 errors and a load of warnings when running the page through the validator.

    It's really annoying as the page was validating initially.

    Checking through here, it seems to be to do with the snap preview so I turned that off but the script lines are still in the foot of the page. Anyone any ideas on how I get rid of it?

    Here's the blog I'm working on

    and here's the code

    <script type="text/javascript">_qmeta="qc:adt=0&bti=Have+Bike+Will+Travel&lan=en";_qacct="p-18-mFEk4J448M";quantserve();</script>

  2. OK, that answers the smiley but not why the quantserve code is in there and not validating.

  3. i think you would need to take that up with staff via feedback

  4. I'll give that a go.

  5. Hi,

    What I think has happened is that you or someone tried to set the Quantcast demographics program up on that blog, which is fine. You get a lot of demographic information through it. However, with, you can't load the java tracker chip that makes the information much more accurate. But it someone's tried to do that, which is the source of the problem here as far as I can tell. No harm done--just delete whatever of the java code is left (though should already have stripped that out).

  6. I keep removing quantserv cookies too. If they are connected with then I would like to be told that and until and unless I know where they are coming from I will continue deleting them.

  7. We discussed them folks a while back.

  8. What I think has happened is that you or someone tried to set the Quantcast demographics program up on that blog

    I can assure you they didn't. The only thing that was done was snap preview turned on and then off.

    I've been onto support and they are aware there's a problem and are trying to get the code sorted. It seems that the code gets added when you switch on but not removed when you turn off.

    One of the lines is also invalid js

  9. quantserve is for us - it provides stats.
    We'll get the invalid line fixed.

  10. Thanks to a fellow blogger's informative post I was able to remove and lock out flash cookies from my computer that were being used and could be used in the future to track my internet surfing habits. If anyone else wants to remove flash cookies like those from quantserv then these instructions will do it for you.

  11. Done. Thank you. Three different types of tracking code on our blogs (Quantcast, Google Analytics and wordpress's inhouse stats) does seem to me excessive.

    (And if the individual blogger is using sitemeter you can add a fourth to that. And who knows what's in the widgets? Best not to think about it.)

  12. You're welcome. :)

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