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    Hi all!

    On our blog we have a quasi-sticky post on which we keep changing the time-stamp so that it will stay on top of the page. Now everytime we post something new, this sticky-post will appear again and again in services like technorati etc. Hence, our technorati “profile” looks pretty messed up – every second post being “about this website” with the exact same content again and again. Is there any way around this?

    Thanks in advance!


    Doing things the way you are, I don’t know of any way around it. If you change the time/date stamp on a post, as far as the search engines and such are concerned, it is a new post.

    You could set up a static front page and put your sticky post on it with a “click here to enter” or something similar link that would then take the viewer to your posts page. This however has a drawback as search engines give preference to the first page on your blog, and since it is static, you would lose search engine and technorati juice.

    I don’t know if there is a way to put any static text at the top of the post page using the CSS upgrade or not. Perhaps one of the code guru’s will pop in and confirm this one way or another.



    sorry, no sticky posts here.

    you can make your “About” page as front-page of your site, though, or use a Text widget placed on the top of the sidebar.


    Thanks, I thought so. Oh, and I didnt mention that google index now also contains several “about”-posts, most of which get a not-found page. I will have to think about other options.




    just for the record: SE, in the first place, give preference to the pages with a *relevant* content and authority. regardless of whether it’s a front page or not.



    > google index now also contains several “about”-posts

    that’s exactly what Pages *are* for.


    Options: “that’s exactly what Pages *are* for.”

    I dont understand what you are talking about. I was talking about *posts*, not pages…



    content titled as “about this website” should go into *Pages*, not *Posts*.


    Well yeah, ideally. But we wanted the about-info to be visible in a way that it couldnt be missed by someone who just vistited the blog.



    > …or use a Text widget placed on the top of the sidebar.

    might as well make it HUGE, red on yellow, thick border etc ;-)


    You could place it in a text widget at the top of the sidebar as one possibility, or as I suggested, create a static front page with that information on it.



    You can also have a custom header image with the words “Please Read our page: About This Blog” although you can’t make it clickable to the About page. If you choose a theme with tabs for static pages, like Freshy, that will help make it obvious.


    Hi, thanks for the suggestions. I guess we might just remove the about-post in the future and just hope that people will find out by themselves what they are reading. I’ll think about the header, though…
    (BTW: HUGE red on yellow, thick border etc… I thought you could get banned from WP for something like this ;))



    You won’t get banned for that unless it is an ad for something commercial. THAT will get you banned right quick.


    Raincoaster – I was trying to pull of a joke… banned for bad taste, as it were.


    should be “off”

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