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Quentin Theme: Adjusting leading in Right-Column Links?

  1. Sorry to bother anyone with this. I"m trying to adjust the Leading in the Quentin two-column theme. The right column contains the comments and the Links and the About.

    I'm trying to TIGHTEN the leading between items, but as I scan down the CSS, I can't tell which would control leading.


    [email removed - Mark]

    thank you.

  2. After reading, I see that CSS calls leading: line-height.

    Still can't find the area that controls line height in that right-hand Links column.

    Thank you.

  3. Best not to put your email in a public forum. Ask a moderator to remove it for you.

  4. The spacing in the sidebar is controlled by the margin and padding properties of the list items. So you have to remove the default values for the single list items and add some space to the bottom of the individual widgets:

    #menu ul li ul li {margin:0;padding:0;}<br /> #menu ul li {margin-bottom:1.5em;}

    Try to add this to the bottom of your CSS and see if it works.

  5. arsch,

    THANK YOU very much! It worked perfectly. I set the padding to "3". Much tighter, and better use of the white space. Thank you.

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