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    I am using Quentin theme, which I am in love with! Although I find the area where I am supposed to upload my posts too narrow. I am quite reluctant to reduce the font size any further – this would seriously affect its usability and readability. This seems a problem commonly raised by many other fellow blogers: why are blogs always so narrow?
    Can you please add in your theme’s customization the width setting of the writing area?



    You can purchase the CSS upgrade and make the theme wider if you want. The width is how the theme was designed by the theme designer and you’re pretty much disagreeing with that person. (No offense entended by the way.) Has nothing to do with staff since they had nothing to do with the theme, they just picked it because it’s a popular theme with the WP community.

    If you feel that it’s more of a bug with the theme, you’re free to submit a report via feedback as that’s how staff has mentioned how they want theme bugs reported but, again, it’s pretty much how the theme was designed.

    Hope this helps,



    Thank you for the quick response, I perfectly understand and by the by, I did not want to reproach the designer.
    I do agree with you that this cannot be considered a bug.
    I hope that you will keep enriching your available themes so that I might find a more suitable one: I saw the last one Iceburgg which is very wide, nice and above all new, it is a pity it does not match my content.
    Thank you again.

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