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    I am a total beginner and would like to set up my photos on a page in more than one gallery, with blocks of text between them.
    Is this possible or am I being totally naieve.

    The blog I need help with is aturnofthekey.wordpress.com.



    You can insert each group of images as independent thumbnails (if you aren’t interested in the gallery carousel slideshow). You’ll need to set the alignment of all of them to left. The default width for thumbnails is set in Settings > Discussion.

    The WP gallery feature normally works with images attached to a post or a page; that is, all the images you upload from your computer via the Add Media tool of that post or page. To display, say, two independent galleries on the same post or page, you need one of the following solutions:
    a) Upload the first group of images to that post or page and click Insert Gallery. Upload the second group to another published post (one with no images), without inserting them. Get the ID number of that other post; edit the one you’re interested in and type this in the HTML editor:
    [gallery id="NUMBER HERE"]
    b) Upload all the images to the post or page you’re interested in, without inserting them. Get the ID numbers of all the images. Edit the post and add the gallery shortcode twice, with the include or exclude option:
    [gallery include=”NUMBERS SEPARATED BY COMMAS”)
    [gallery exclude=”NUMBERS SEPARATED BY COMMAS”)

    Obviously method a is more convenient if the number of images is large.

    To find the ID number of a post, you go to Posts > All Posts, hover over the post title and look at the status/progress bar of your browser; or hover over the post title, click Edit, look at the address bar of the browser. Same for the IDs of images, only you go to Media > Library.

    See here as well:


    Hi Justpi,

    Thanks for your prompt and detailed reply – at least I now know there are ways around my problem.
    I’ve just got to get my 70yr old head around all this info so Have printed it all out, as I’ll need some time to absorb and make sense of it, before attempting to make changes – SCARY !



    You’re welcome. As I pointed out, you don’t have to use these arcane tricks: if you’ve learned how to insert a single image, you can insert each group of images that way, simply selecting size thumbnail and alignment left.
    There might be a problem with text wrapping around the last image of each group, but I’ll tell you about that if and when you try this method.


    Once again many thanks for your time and advice, it’s very much appreciated

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