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    I have few queries, and I would request you to spare some time if you can manage to. The queries are as under:

    1) I have one .com website and one .wordpress.com blog. Now, I want to map my website (in existence over 3-4 years) to the current wordpress blog. Will mapping affect the search results or worsen the search results for the domain?
    2) Will my mapped domain be in the same theme as the wordpress blog from which I am planning to buy the wordpress mapping?
    3) If yes, if the theme has expired for new users – will my mapped domain be able to use the theme which my current wordpress blog is using (note the theme is expired for usage in other wordpress blog)
    4) Once mapped whether the links of all tabs and posts show as a link of the mapped website.
    5) If I am using google apps, will email IDs with the mapped domain be able to receive mail? My understanding is we need to change DNS records after domain mapping. Correct me, if I am wrong.
    6) Will I be able to use google analytics after domain mapping?

    I know I have asked to many questions at one go, but need proper guidance to avoid any issues in future. Thanks in advance.



    1) In my experience they’ll take a temporary dip but recover quickly and actually be improved shortly.

    2) Yes. It’s just mapping a domain; it changes nothing else. You take whatever.com and you tie it to whatever.wordpress.com and everything else is the same as it was on whatever.wordpress.com including the content.

    3) It’s the same blog. Yes, it uses the same theme.

    4) Nope, you have to do the formatting yourself if you have a custom menu. And if your other website had links of a format that are not compatible with WordPress.com, then those linked posts are going to take a HUGE hit SEO-wise.

    5) you have to set that up separately, since WP.com does not have mailservers. Check the Support documents for the details.

    6) no.



    Thank you very much Raincoaster for your reply.

    In point no.5) – you mentioned – I have to set up that separately. So, emails with Google Apps will continue to work, correct?



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