Questing on DNS mapping to an existing domain

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    Greetings, I am at this point of the process (from wordpress guide for Mapping an existing domain):
    Instructions for Mapping an Existing Domain

    Update your domain’s name servers to the following:


    Warning: When you change the name servers, any custom DNS records such as A, CNAME, or MX records will stop working. Specifically, this can mean that any email addresses you have on this domain (such as (email redacted)) may stop working once the mapping is complete. To continue using them, you’ll need to enter new Custom DNS records once you have set up your domain on We recommend you prepare the relevant information in advance, before you start the domain mapping. Alternatively, you can map to a subdomain, which doesn’t require changing the name servers and will not effect any custom DNS records.
    I’m concerned about the possibility of breaking email, but don’t really understand. Our email addresses of (email redacted) are hosted by Qwest/CenturyLink through our domain. If I map the dns to the wordpress servers, can I expect our email accounts to be broken? How do I resolve this (without downtime for our email accounts)?

    Thank you!
    Sarah Franko, (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is



    If your email is

    name (at)

    – then yes you email will be broken with the mapping

    See below for getting started making the email work – some records need to be added here – you will need to get some information from your email host to proceed – the formatting of the records is very strict and can be a bit tricky if you have not done it before

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