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    is it possible to ad my own google ads to my blog?


    Nope, on it is not.



    that sucks



    (1) The best place to start looking for answer to question is in the FAQs blog.
    (2) The second best place is in the pink stickies at the head of the forum.
    (3) The third best place is to type “google ads” into the forum search box.
    (4) After you have exhausted these resources and still not found an answer then you come to the forum and compose a post with a meaningful title.

    Your title is: question. Forums are for questions so my response to your title is: About WHAT? OOPS! You forgot the words “Google advertising”.
    It’s also a good idea to insert a link to specifically what you mean so people can have enough information to help you.
    In this case the answer to your question is found here in the first resource material to consult.



    Thank and i have one more question is it possible to add the other rss feeds like newsgator msn yahoo etc?



    @sniper90 and @superignorant
    Some might say what sucks is bloggers who do not read FAQ material so they don’t develop an understanding as to why the answer to advertising is “no” at this point in time.
    Perhaps what sucks is people who answer questions without providing the links to material that contains not only the answers but also the reasons for the answers. SECURITY

    EDIT: I apologize for being grumpy. Our posts overlapped one another so we were writing at the same point in time.





    @sniper – you mean like lorelle’s sidebar? yes, definately possible.



    ok then how would i if u can explain



    go to There you will find the step by step instructions and the code script in a text file you can download to place into a text widget in your sidebar. An example can be seen at


    sorry, i couldn’t find the information, it wasn’t where i left it.

    youll have to enter the information manually (step 2+3) the wordpress they’re referring to in step 4 is the hosted version


    @timethief, well, sorry! Of course, it’s better to post links to helpful resources and stuff. But to me, it just sounded like a direct question and a simple ‘No’ seemed adequate to me. I could have gone on about them experimenting with advertising at the moment etc., but I don’t think it would have made much sense (on both sides). Things like this come up all the time, and I kind of admire the patience with which you guys answer them. (Maybe you should just keep the text from above to copy & paste, along with ‘this is, not the hosted version’)

    On the other hand, as a newbie, you might not get the search function or the right keywords, and the FAQs aren’t that obvious to find either. (however, thanks again for the patience you helper guys offer)



    I apologize for being so grumpy. Here is something you can always do when someone asks a question on the forum that hasn’t asked a question before before. You can click on “member” under their name and on their profile you will see how long they have been here – in this case 4 days. Also by clicking on the username you can find their blog – in this case the first entry in sniper90’s blog tells us he or she is also a myspace blogger. That means he or she will not be accustomed to a different system than this shared blogging platform we work on here. That immediately clues you to provide the links like I did above.


    Okee dokee.



    the FAQs aren’t that obvious to find either.

    drmike politely points at the big red sticky at the head of the forums that says “Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions here at”


    GAH! How embarrassing. I always thought, when people are talking about the FAQs they meant the FAQ Blog. (which you yourself even link to at the end of the sticky!) D’OH!!



    You’re embarassed for your oversight. I’m embarassed for being grumpy that my number 2 item on the list above was overlooked and that drmike had to politely do the thing again. So what do you say to this ->let’s shake hands and let this thread die, die die.:D
    P.S. If you agree please don’t respond, ok;)

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