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    A ‘normal’ wordpress page has “home” and “about” pages.

    I made a third page but it came up between the “home” and “about” page. how do i make it so it appears after the “about” page?

    Also, is it possible to post directly to a different page?

    In other words, can I make a post that only shows up on the third page and not on the main page? Will this feature be available shortly?



    It’s probably dependant on the theme that you are using. It’s probably making the home link first and the rest in alphabetical order. Either find a theme that posts it in ID order or do some renaming.

    For example, change the “Who am I?” to “About me.” That might fix the order issue.




    I Have switched to WP-Andreas09 1.5 to solve another issue, but I discovered that it alphabetizes the page tab order regardless of the page order your specify. My work around was to number the tab: “1 RSS” then “2 ABOUT” would post in that order. It worked. It would be nice if the theme accepted the page order . . .



    How do you make a second and third page?



    Your question about making a second and third page has two possible answers, depending upon whether
    1. you are referring to pages that appear as tabs at the top of your blog, or
    2. you are referring pages that are “children” of the tabbed pages.

    In case 1, you just create a page whose parent is “Main Page” (see tabs to the right of the edit space).

    In case 2, if your theme recognizes “children” of the “children” of the Main Page, (again, using the “Parent” tab to the right) you will set the new page as a child of the page you wish it to link from, and in that way create a heirarchy. Even if the theme does not recoognize it (and some don’t) it will still be there, but only accessible through the Manage Pages route.

    I sounds more complicated than it is.



    River, the creator of the theme and the ported version is actually in the forum here. Do a search for the name of the theme and make your suggestion over there. They’re very interested in making their theme better for

    We’re not allowed to make sub pages here with parents. they all have the same weight.

    Everyday, just use the “write pages” features to create additional pages. Youc an find it here: Dashboard -> Write -> Write Pages.

    hope this helps,



    In the sidebar.php file, look for the call to


    Now, add the line “&sort_column=menu_order” to the arguments so that it looks like this


    That will sort your Pages by the order that you specify in the Page order field on each Page’s edit page.



    Ah… not possible guy/gal. blogs give no access to theme/php files.

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