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Question about adding AdWords scripts to Themes

  1. All, Do I have to buy the CSS add-on in order to place adwords scripts in the CSS? I presume yes. Are there Themes that make that easier or harder than others? Does WordPress frown on adding AdWords, etc? Just trying to migrate from another platform and wondering about getting my adwords stuff back into the code in the most efficient manner possible.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Neither the CSS nor domain mapping upgrade removes the prohibitions on advertising on blogs:

  3. Having now read the myriad postings on the same subject, I now apologize for having used up my allotment of ones and zeros on this item.

    That said, I think it is LAME that adsense isn't allowed here. People should be allowed to chose. I unfortunately will do exactly that, and move elsewhere.

  4. That quite all right. This isn't the solution for everyone. Happy blogging and thank you for marking this resolved.

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