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    This is my first blog i have created ( but I am an administrator for another blog I am part of. On the other blog I can just add users straight away using a form and they would appear straight away. On my blog I have to invite users. My users are not receiveing the invites I have sent to them. Is there a way to create users without requring an invite.

    The other blog I am using is on an older version of wordpress.



    Hi there.

    Are you talking about a bloghere at orare you talking about a blog that’s hosted on your own server/webspace?

    Could you please post the link to your blog?



    {waving to carocat}

    I believe I have located one blog referred to above
    I’m sorry but other than the invitation there is no other way to add non members that I’m aware of.

    I believe you will have to ask for staff assistance as the emails do not appear to be going out. Support hours are 9-5 PM on weekdays and you can use this link to make them aware of all the details

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