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    Hi there!

    It has been a month since I first join WordPress and I’m enjoying it very much. Far better than Blogger and lost more effective when it comes to reaching out to a lot of people over the web.

    I have a question. Can anyone explain why does my blog stats plummeted to near zero just after I received a good healthy amount of traffic? I became been blown away, the other day when I looked and saw there was a major spike in my both of my blog stats. I’ve got about 450 hits in my blog stats before it suddenly plummeted itself to zero. I don’t understand how or why it happened and I would like to know what’s causing all this to happen.





    Have you made any adjustments to your rss feeds?
    Have you done a check for “broken” links?


    I’m afraid I don’t know how to do that.
    How do I adjust to my Rss Feeds and Check for Broken links?


    Back again. I’ve just finished browsing around, trying to look for hints on how to fix the problem I’m having with my blog stats. In one post that talks about traffic, I read how if one switches from summary to full in the options to Rss feeds, traffic to my blog will increase. I’ve look and saw in the option on my The Case of The Bulletproof Harpist dashboard, The option was on summary. So, I switched it to full. I also unchecked the letting WordPress correct xhtml validation option on both of my dashboards as well.

    Is that what the problem is? Did I fix it?


    Back again. This time, I fixed up the RSS feed by using the RSS validator to help pin-point what the problem was. It was the digg link codes I’ve put in that caused my Rss feed to be invalidated. I just had to remove them to get my feeds completely validated so that hopefully I was able to solve the problem involving the fluctuations in my blog stats. Hope it does the trick.



    I suspect that the “zero” hits shown in your recent Blog Stats was probably caused by the delayed response from wordpress servers? I am not sure but I actually notice that all the time and it changes 24hrs later.



    Did you check just after midnight, Greenwich Mean Time? They restart at zero then.


    Back again. This time I added a test blog to my dashboards and looked at its options to see what you guys mean when you said, “Did I check just after midnight Greenwich Mean Time?’ I notice that the time default in the dating option is zero. So I went back and switch the options on my other 2 blogs to zero. The time option was different because I lived in Eastern Standard Time Zone and you guys’ time is different than mine.

    To think I’ve been here since January and I’m still unfamiliar with what you guys do in WordPress. Nevertheless, you guys carry a great site! Keep up the good work!



    Switching that won’t make any difference to when your stats are calculated; it will only change the time displayed when you post. At midnight GMT your stats will switch over to zero because WordPress itself does those calculations and they do them at the same time for everyone. They need to keep that the same, otherwise they couldn’t accurately track the stats of various blogs relative to one another to make Top Blogs, etc.

    Sitemeter and other stat counters each have different time settings, though.

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