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    I know how to change URL, but my question is: The ones who are already subscribed via email to my site — what happens with them?! Will they still get updates, were I to change URL?

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s extremely important to comprehend that when you change a URL what happens is you break every original link to your content. If that content has been indexed by search engines and appears in search results then for as long as it takes for the search engines like Google to clear their cache (3 – 6 months) and index your content all over again under a new URL when visitors from search engines click those original links they will be faced with a “404” (page not found. your content.In addition the pagerank that was earned by those original URLs will disappear when the URLs are broken.

    Your blog is indexed by Google (764 results).
    Your blog is indexed by Bing (7 results).
    Your blog has yet to earn a pagerank.

    So if you wish to do this you will be breaking all of those links. Assuming you do this then there is no means of moving your subscribers. They will have to subscribe again to the blog using the new URL.

    I would not do this. Instead I would purchase a domain name and domain mapping so visitors experience a seamless transfer between URLs and not “404” broken links. For more information read >



    Thank you so much!
    No, I won’t do it. The real issue, was that I wanted to rid myself of a subscriber (!) but it isn’t worth it.

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