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    My site is a fiction site and is laid out pretty much like the directions on the “Write A Book” documentation. So far I’ve shut off comments on every page, as we won’t need that feature. However, my co-author buddy will soon be joining in and I’ve designed a draft post just for private discussion, brainstorming, etc. I considered turning ‘comments’ on for just that draft. I tested it and it doesn’t work at all for me. Is that because of the post being a draft, or is there a problem with the webmistress trying to comment on her own post?

    If comments won’t work due to this post being in draft form, I will need to publish it. But, how to make it private? That requires a password, correct?

    Also, would my friend have to have her own blog address in order to post or comment?

    I know how to publish a book now….but I’m still hazy on a few other things, LOL

    The blog I need help with is



    Only published posts can have comments. Yes, you can make it password-protected; do this in the sidebar of the Write page, under pRivacy.

    And no, she wouldn’t need her own blog address. She can either put in the joint blog as her “website” on the profile page or leave it blank.



    That’s kinda what I thought. She will be happy to know that she won’t need her own ‘blog address.’

    Thanks, Raincoaster!

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