Question about creating a long ongoing post

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    I am creating a hiking trail in Thailand and it will most likely take me a few years.
    As i go on, i am writing about each weeks adventures (complete with pictures) on my blog.
    However, it is getting quite long.

    Any suggestions how to keep adding posts but perhaps people would have to click on another week’s story to get the whole picture. IT is already very long and I’ll have a lot to add.
    Thanks in advance. fh



    Link to your wordpress.COM blog please, starting with http://



    You could probably use the NEXT in the html editor to break a long post into several ones. You can search the forum for how it is used.



    The NEXTPAGE function – is what I mean..


    At the beginning and the end of each post you can add links to previous and next week’s posts. Or you can create a table-of-contents-like page in which you will be adding the link to each week’s post.

    (But at the moment you’ve got two installments in ONE post: you’re not going to continue this way, are you?)

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