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    I just set up email subscriptions through feedburner and I’m wondering how long the email updates usually take to arrive in a subscriber’s inbox? I posted about ten minutes ago and I’m still not getting a notification.

    If it should have arrived, then I need help to figure out what I did wrong. It looks good on my blog.



    Feedburner says, i think, that they update your feed every 30 minutes. If you want it updated sooner, they have a page where you can ping your feed:



    The sending of the email notice may be backlogged as well.


    it’s been two hours still and nothing. would it be backlogged on their end or mine?



    It looks good on my blog.

    I expected to see what you see at the top of engtech’s blog’s sidebar
    But I do not see the any feeds being displayed on the blog linked to your username. Is this the blog you are referring to or do you have another one?

    You were to register with feedburner and then place the code in a text widget in your sidebar but I do not see it there. Perhaps you should go through this process step by step again.


    that’s my only blog. I can see it, in the sidebar under “do ya love me?” And when I click on the link it takes me through the process to sign up for email notification.



    Ahhhh … thanks for pointing that out – now I see it. I was expecting to see the orange feed icon and completely overlooked the black on white that you had going. I have no idea if the delay is on feedburner’s end or this end. :(


    I guess mine does look very different, but when I click on the link it gives me similar stuff to what I get in mine.


    would you think though that since it’s there and everything it’s working?



    would it be backlogged on their end or mine?

    Might be either one. You don’t mention what “your end” is. ;)

    You may want to drop Feedburner a support ticket and see if something’s incorrectly set or if it’s blocked in some way. Also check to see if it got snagged by your spam program and is in the spam queue.

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