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    I’ve been using the Expound theme for over a year now and love it.

    I already know how to make posts “featured” or “sticky” on the homepage to get them up into the 5-post “featured” thumbnails area at the top of the homepage–of these 5, the most recent being a larger thumbnail on the top. (I don’t need help with this!)

    However I have never NOT marked a new post to be featured, and I now want to make a new post and NOT have it displayed at the top of the page with a larger thumbnail. I am a little worried that that might be the default with new posts…

    I am very much hoping that if I post with a featured image but do not tag the post itself “featured” or mark it as ‘sticky’, that on the homepage, its thumbnail and teaser first few lines of text will be just below all the current featured posts…

    Seeking reassurance and corroboration on this before I post! It would be very embarrassing to make this post and then have to trash it if it ends up on top, as it involves someone other than myself…

    Thanks in advance for help with this…

    The blog I need help with is




    I made a test and in your case, if you publish a new post without tagging it with the “featured tag”, it will not appear on the featured area, no matter if it has or not a featured imaged set.

    Right now, if you publish a “normal” post, it will be on top of “Maker Faire!” post on your homepage.

    I think you can go for your publishing without fear!

    Hope that helps!



    Thank you for going to all that trouble!!!
    what a relief, and from now on I will try remember that idea in the future–just set up a separate private test blog and try it out…Thanks again!



    It was nice to help. If you think this is resolved, please mark this post as “closed”. It’ll help others with the same question.


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