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Question about gaining new readers/viewers

  1. I've been trying to figure out different ways to get my readers/viewers to read my blog and last week I finally thought of a really cool idea (of course I'm still working on my idea). So I'm wandering if you think this would be a good idea.

    My idea is: When readers/viewers subscribe to my blog then they get exclusive/bonus recipes. Now the bonus recipes would only be offered to people who subscribe to my blog. Does that sound like a good idea? How would I advertise or promote this to get people to subscribe?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This has been done. It may or make not be effective. I suggest you publish a post and state your offer. To draw ongoing attention to the post with the offer in it create a text widget and display it at the top of your sidebar. Link the anchor text like - Exclusive Subscriber's Bonus - to the post with the offer in it.

    To set up blog subscriptions on your blog see here. >

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