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Question about hits

  1. Do you know why my hits seem to go through the roof when I make my welcome page the static first page and why they subsequently plummett if I have my latest blog as the front page? Is it the way wordpress counts? If a blog is the welcome does it not count people who only stay on there or something?

  2. when you have a static page as your main page, people have to click through to read each post (5 posts = 5 clicks). When your posts are on the main page, they can read however many you have displayed without clicking anywhere else (5 posts = 1 click). Make sense?

  3. More or less what I said in the other thread on the same topic.

  4. Judyb12,
    Thanks for the answer. It doesn't really explain it though. When welcome is the first page it counts each welcome hit. When a blog is the first page it doesn't count it in the same way.

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