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Question about inserting a poll, and possibly forums and a podcast archives page

  1. Hi. I created a wordpress blog page for my podcast which I will be launching this summer. I created a poll on my latest blogpost, however I realize that because I made the poll in the blog post, any future post will push it down, and eventually off the main page. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, however this particular poll is for my blog guests to vote on helping me choose the content for my first podcast episode which won't be happening for another 2 months. Now, I know I can just keep on providing a direct link to that specific entry, but is there a setting somewhere that lets me always keep that blog post at the top of the blog and/or is there a way to put a poll into a WIDGET, which would put it on the side of the page, but it would always be there in the same spot for people to see?

    Also, as far as forums go. What is the recommended easiest way to insert forums onto the page? I have read up a little bit on the subject, but most of the threads were at least 12-18 months old, and I am not sure if there are now easier methods for putting a fourm on the blog. I am not after anything fancy, just a simple forum.

    Finally. Once I am ready to record the fi rst podcast, I will in fact be purchasing the storage upgrade. Once I upload the podcast, and other ones in the future as I record more, will I be provided with a permalink for each episode, so I can make an archives page for my blog where people can access all the old episodes? Is there an option to give each episode a summary?

    Thanks everyone!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. A Poll can be put in the sidebar using I think a Text Widget or you can put a link in the sidebar to the Poll Post (bit more hidden so you will not get as much traffic to the Poll so moving the Poll to the sidebar would be better)

    You can't put a Forum "in" your blog - that would require a Plug-in and Plug-in's are not allowed for security reasons.

    You can however link to a Forum that is outside your blog. I have no experience with these Forums but have seen them mentioned here.

  3. is there a way to put a poll into a WIDGET

    Yes. Choose the "narrow" code.

    Also, as far as forums go. What is the recommended easiest way to insert forums onto the page?

    There is no way we can insert a forum into a free hosted blog at all. You can get a forum on the internet and then link your blog to it.

    As I don't know the answers to the questions in your final paragraph, another Volunteer will have to answer them for you.

  4. For your last question: just use the category PODCASTS for each of them and then you have an automatically generated podcast page. You can link to it in your header using a custom menu and then it will update itself as you add new ones. If you don't like the formatting, you can always make your own static page of podcasts, but you will need to update it manually.

  5. larryeugenecarroll

    Thanks, auxclass. I'll investigate the forum links and follow up here when done.

    You have a great web site, incidentally.

  6. larryeugenecarroll

    Another forum. I've just begun to study the ones mentioned by auxclass. I did find that Vanilla Forums is NOT free, so I am crossing it off my list of possibles

    It’s used by Stephen Hunt, the Jackalian series steampunk author. Here’s his web page.

  7. larryeugenecarroll

    Darn! I just began a detailed study of Simple Machines and found that it's free BUT for a self-hosted site like those of So your forum would not be really free.

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