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Question about leaving a contributor position...

  1. Alright, here's the story. Somebody added me as a contributor to their blog, without asking for my permission first, and with no confirmation. SO, I have a dashboard that is entirely unrelated to me in the little dropdown thing, and on my profile and such.

    I've tried looking around for such an option, but how can I leave this position that was forced onto me and is cluttering my space?

    Thanks. :)

  2. Yes, it's very annoying, isn't it? You'll have to contact the blog owner and ask them to delete you. If you haven't got their email the MOST effective way to do it is to make a blog post saying you were added without permission, that was very rude, and you don't appreciate it. Then they'll get so mad they delete you instantly!

    If that doesn't work or isn't your style, and you cannot get ahold of the actual blog owner, then contact staff with exact details.

  3. Thanks for that! :D *goes off to contact staff*

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