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    So, with the nudging of a friend I decided to try and get started with a World of Warcraft-based webcomic idea that I’ve had floating around for awhile. After a great deal of fiddling with what theme to pick since I wanted one with both a swappable header image, an overall aesthetic design I liked AND enough post width to room the comic images themselves (which are as much as 650 pixels wide), I settled for Redoable Lite and have been fairly pleased with it.

    Now, having reached as far as five updates I started to feel the need for the kind of “first, previous, next, last” kind of page browsing and not finding any kind of method of doing so standardized in WordPress itself, I’ve finally ceded and decided to use direct static links from post to post to make it manageable to navigate, accepting the added administrative overhead. While I’d like to hear if there’s any better solution to this I haven’t found, that’s not my direct problem ;)

    For some obscure reason I can’t fathom, the post text after the comic image word wrap differently in different situations. Browsing via the main page ( ) using the Next entries and previous entries links that come from the theme, the post text appears properly spaced across the width of the post. No problem there. However, if I go to a post directly ( see ), the word suddenly wrap is suddenly much more narrow and no longer aligned with the width of the image. I realize this is a minor aesthetic quirk, but it’s really been bothering me since I can’t at all figure out WHY it happens and what potential way there might be to solve it.

    Is it just some odd quirk with the theme that I’ll simply have to live with or is there some handy solution to either make the word wrapping consistent or to make the browsing links simple and dynamic without static linking (avoiding going directly to pages where the problem lies)? Since at this rate it’s feeling a bit like I simply have to live with it as I can’t figure out what’s going on!


    Redoable lite has different widths for the post area in the main blog page, and in the single post pages, it is the way the theme was designed. That said, it also has some peculiarities about it as well. What you might have to do to push the image down below the post metadata block is to space it down some by either adding top padding or by putting <p>&nbsp;</p> on two or three lines above the image in the code view.



    Hm, was afraid it’d be something along the lines of “simply having to live with it”. Thanks anyway, though. On that note, good catch about the post metadata block – wasn’t sure wether that was something that showed just for me or not. Know if there’s any way to disable it through actually learning CSS or is it another thing I’ll just have to try to get around?

    Three lines lines of non-break-space paragraphs seem to be perfect for height of pushing away from it, but it leaves this highly anti-aesthetical blank scroll space which rather bothers me to be honest ;)


    I’ve had issues with word wrap just dropping off in the middle of typing my post. When this happens, I just highlight all my text, cut and paste it into notepad. Copy and paste from notepad back into the editor window, and all is fixed. It’s a major annoyance, but so far, it’s a workable solution.

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