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    I’m devoting a page entitled “Reading Room” on my blog where I would like to post a number of books relevant to the subject of my site in pdf format so that people can open them in the browser and read. However, I don’t want to get in any sort of copyright trouble and so was wondering how to go about doing this if at all. Is there a way to have it so that they can open it and read it in adobe reader but without allowing them to click the download button? Or would that still be unacceptable? Worst case scenario, I’ll just end up posting a link to amazon or google books where they can read parts of it.


    The blog I need help with is



    If you have scanned the entire book without the author’s/publisher’s permission, then it’s not great idea. Scanning 1 page with your own virtual scribbles to highlight something for simply reference, especially if it’s the book’s diagram or illustration, sometimes is helpful.

    Would be best for now to link to itles in google books or amazon. I haven’t followed the Googlebooks court case at this time to know of the outcome. It’s a serious matter.

    It is advice I give in my paid jobs to every single organization I have worked for. I have authorized destruction of photocopied books which permission was never obtained. Scanning a whole book is the equivalent of photocopying.


    Well it wouldn’t be scanned books, actually. Rather, I’ve accumulated a large number of e-books (books in a .pdf format that are made to be bought online and read on the computer).

    What about posting only a few pages from the ebook? It would be like what google or amazon does only I choose which few pages are available to read.



    @psybermonkey15, To get an accurate answer I recommend contacting staff directly



    Why not contact the authors? Since it’s an ebook, each one should have author contact info. Some (in fact, most) authors of free ebooks want them distributed as widely as possible.

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