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    Hello everyone,

    I have a question about upgrading to the pro version with the domain name of your choice or domain mapping for an existing domain, VideoPress, Custom Design, 5GB Space Upgrade, and No Ads. If I get it does it apply to all my blogs, or just the one. Meaning, will I have to shell out $100 for making each one of my blogs pro, or just once?

    Thank you.



    It’s per blog, so if you upgrade two blogs it costs you twice.

    However, look at what you really need and add up the individual prices and if you don’t need the whole package you might be able to save a bit by just buying pieces.



    Thank you very much for the quick response :)



    You be welcome & good luck


    When upgrading to Pro does it maintain all of your existing blog content? Also does Pro allow widgets for donation buttons?


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    Upgrading of any sort on means you are still free-hosted here and all the TOS rules apply. But one can certainly have a donation button with paypal even without an upgrade:

    Your content remains the same.


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    What are you wanting to do with your blog?


    Thanks for the quick response. The blog is up and running for some months now. It is in support of an orphanage that I do a lot of work with in Peru. I have a link to a donation site but wanted to change to paypal buttons but did not know it was allowed on the free site.



    You can use a Donation button only. That’s the same regardless of upgrades, actually.


    Got it sorted. Thanks for the help.


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    the link to your username is bad: is no longer available.

    You should update that so folks can find your site easily by clicking on your name.


    Hmm no idea how to fix that.


    This is it. Let’s see if it functions from this message.


    It does, I see the name attached to my avatar is not the same. How do I change that?


    I tried something on the personal settings page. Let’s see if it works.


    OK. Sorted. :) Thanks for pointing that out to me.


    When I post to the main page it shows the posts from newest to oldest. I wanted to revers this so that there is continuity from the first post through to the current one. I do not see a way to do that, unless I am missing something. Is it possible?



    No it is not possible. All blogs display posts in reverse chronological order and this cannot be changed on blogs. The other option is to create a book-like structure.


    Thanks for your response. I will look at that information and see if it will work ok for me. I appreciate it.



    You’re welcome and best wishes with your blog.

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