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question about redirecting to new domain

  1. OK. I'm new at this and this is my first forum post. I just registered a domain and signed up for hosting with another site. What I will need to know how to do is redirect my blog site to the new domain, as in I want people to type and be sent to I went to the domain mapping option in my wordpress dashboard and it just says this domain "" is available, and obviously I don't want to pay 2xs for the domain registration, so I can't do anything there yet. I've read the FAQs but I guess I'm a little confused if the domain mapping means that my new domain would just redirect to my wordpress blog site (but leave the address bar reading

    I know I could just post a "click here to go to my new site" post but I've moved my blog a couple of times and don't want to lose people who have my site bookmarked. Eventually, I want to use WordPress 2.1, because I may move into adding some ads plus I want to be able to customize templates and add-ins that use javascript and doesn't allow that.

    Does this make any sense?

  2. I could be wrong but I don't think you can do this. I had to say you have a really nice blog though.

    What you could do is make a post saying you're moving, your RSS people will know. Then make a banner with the URL and put it big and bold on the site so any visitors will know.

  3. I have to agree with samureye; I don't think you can do an automatic redirect, because the domain name here is WordPress's, not your own. If you'd bought the domain name upgrade first, then made the switch, then you could do a smooth redirect.

  4. Hmmm....

    Thanks :)

    I guess when I'm all set up on my new site, I will make a post that I'm moving again :-P

  5. Automatic redirect of a subdomain is not possible.

    The workaround is to clear out your sidebar with the exception of a single text widget pointing folks to your new blog. That way no matter where folks land within your blog, they'll see the notice and be able to find you. Plus samureye's ideas. (I hadn't thought of the banner suggestion. Have to remember that.)

  6. Oh my, people are agreeing with me. What is the world coming to? Is Angie behind this?

  7. Isn't she behind everything? That's what my glorious leader at SMERSH has always told me.

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