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    In the stats section under referrers, there is a link that, once I clicked on it, goes directly into my own email. What does this mean? It kind of freaked me out (privacy wise)……

    The blog I need help with is



    Do you post by email? Did you log out of and then view your blog while you were logged into your email program?


    Hi timethief…

    Yes, I think I logged out and then viewed my blog while I was logged into my email (there was an email message to me from wordpress saying there was a comment made and to click on a certain link – so I did). I thought wordpress didnt count our own visits ….but I guess that’s only if your logged into wordpress??



    That’s right. If you are logged in your visits are not counted.

    The following are not counted:
    * Visits from registered users of the blog when they are logged in.
    * Visits to uploaded documents and files
    * Visits from browsers that do not execute javascript or load images.
    * GoogleBot and other search engine spiders.



    I like to promote my blog through Facebook status updates. Before, I could usually click on a referrer link and it would bring me to a friend’s page, so I had a good idea of who was reading my posts. Now, any time someone clicks on my link, the referrer address is always the same now, as if it has become generic. Any idea why? I preferred the old way.



    What method are you using to update Facebook please? Are you using publicize?



    Thank you. Just checked the Publicize: Facebook setting. Don’t know why/how it changed in the first place. But thank you. Hope that fixes it. :-)

    I was simply updating my Facebook statuses on my own, by the way.



    You’re welcome. :)

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