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Question about SEO and WordPress blog

  1. I built a website and the address is: but it appears that Google is not indexing the site, or it is not getting ranked on Google. Does Google not give much credit to sites that are hosted on ????

    The blog I need help with is

  2. How about first blogging and then checking...? An empty blog not generating hits, gee thats odd...!

  3. Does Google not give much credit to sites that are hosted on ?

    The SEO on this site is excellent. The SEO you use in your posts is a matter of your own concern. Google has indexed 4 entries and that's not surprising as your blog is very new

  4. (no offense though)

  5. @timethief
    Can you explain to me what SEO is, I hear and read about it all the time, I have no clue what is it. Like a kind of CEO?

  6. automatically sends notifications to Google with every post and page update. The search engines can take 4-6 weeks or more to add any new sites. Please take further note of these support documentation entries.

  7. @starsquid
    SEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization.We use basic SEO elements in our posts, pages and in our image ALT tags so when potential readers use search engines to locate blogs of specific interest to them our relevant entries will appear in the search results.

    However, the OP is not asking for lessons in SEO in this thread so I guess you have posted an off-topic question. If you want more clarity proceed to the Popular Posts page on my blog and click blog title links under SEO Tips. :)

  8. Aha, got it, search engine optimization.

    No but because I saw you mentioned SEO so I thought Id ask about it. Yea I saw previously your blog has a number of articles about that. Will read some, thanks!

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