Question about smartest way to do looping in main page? I hope :D

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    Hi there,

    I have some questions…
    I would like to create a website for selling wooden products.Three categories should be on the main page, there should be some text with them plus a grey button for reading more. (this would be simple just to code, but i would like to make it dynamic- if another category is inserted whole new category appears in main page.
    Pressing one of the category button leads to sub-page where are some pictures and text.

    Question is, what is the smartest way to do that?

    waiting forward,



    The blog I need help with is



    If you wish to run an e-commerce site you should be looking at a paid webhost and running your own install. is not set up to handle e-commerce.

    Read here to understand better the difference between the different kinds of WordPress:


    e-commerce considerations aside, that is not possible at You would have to self-host a site to be able to do that, and it would likely take some custom programing (PHP scripting) that would either have to be used directly in the page, or you would have to create a plugin to do it. The plugin route would be best since then the solution is entirely portable and won’t get overwritten by theme upgrades (although you could create a “child” theme that would keep that from happening).

    Lots of possibilities with a self-hosted site. Here though it would be a completely manual thing. Add a category, edit the page and add the stuff for the new category.

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