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Question about sub-directory of self-owned domain

  1. Hi all,

    I've had my blog hosted at for over six years, running on my own little server in my closet, and now I'm looking into switching over to a solution for added uptime and reliability.

    It looks like offers to point my existing domain to my new blog here on, but what about the sub-directory /blog? Is it possible to make it so that that continues to work at least as a redirect?

    In other words, I want anything* to still work by redirecting it to*. Can this be achieved? Otherwise I will probably have to look for another hosted solution for my blog, which would be a shame since seems great and simple.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes,
    WHat you have to do is map the main domain to WordPress, which means pointing the name servers to WordPress. Then in the Stores->Domains->Edit DNS you can add a CNAME record like

    CNAME blog

  3. Ignore my previous comment if "" is the domain that you are mapping to the WordPress blog! You could only use a CNAME if the resource is mapped by another domain, different to the main A-record domain:

    CNAME blog

    Otherwise you will have to use an A record

    A blog

    where is the IP address of your server

  4. Let me clarify: the blog originally lived on my server under the /blog directory. My server currently uses the domain, but that's the exact same domain that I now want to use with my new blog.

    So, I want to use for my blog, but I need to make sure that anyone who accesses* can still end up correctly on the imported blog posts, which I assume will live directly under* once the domain is hooked up to the blog.

    Makes sense? Is that possible? Otherwise all* permalinks out there will lead to 404 errors because the blog now lives at*.


  5. OK I'm clear what you're doing now - but I'm afraid the answer is I'm not sure. You can certainly have a subdirectory mapped to a different blog - I have that myself with and but I'm not sure about the same blog.

    I think you may be able to do it by having both a domain mapping and a subdomain mapping. In theory it should work (the domain mapping being set to primary), but there is always the chance you will get an error message saying "domain already mapped".

    You could either try it and if it doesn't work cancel the second domain mapping upgrade under the 30-day refund or ask staff (by either a support request or a suitably titled thread here). Trying it yourself would be the quickest option!

  6. You can map a subdomain ( subdomain.domain.tld ) to WP, but I don't see where you can map a directory ( domain.tld/directory ).

  7. Whoops notawoodpecker is right, I was talking about a subdomain not a subdirectory.

    The good news is that it appears that you do don't have to do anything for this to work;

    gives the same page as etc.

    The only thing you might want to do is create an article "blog" to be displayed when someone enters

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